My podcast favourites: Podcasts to listen to in 2021

First thing’s first, I must admit: my favourite podcasts are the only podcasts I’ve listened to (or, at least, wanted to continue to listen to). Still, of late, I love a podcast for my commute; while I also love listening to music, I always revert to the same artists, albums and genres and, inevitably, get a little bored (needless to say, some artists, albums and genres I will never get bored of). I listened to my first podcast back in 2019 after one of my favourite makeup artists, Lisa Potter-Dixon, said she’d be hosting one with fellow makeup artist, Hannah Martin, called Life and Lipstick. I loved this podcast so much that I even dedicated an entire blog to why I love it so. Having been delighted by the concept of podcasts after discovering Life and Lipstick, I was inclined to attempt to listen to some more and, now, I guess you could say I’m a bit of a podcast nut. With that, here are my favourite podcasts – all of which I listen to on Spotify – and why you should listen to them this year, too. (I know we’re four months in but better late than never, amiright?)

1. Life and Lipstick

I know I said I’ve dedicated an entire blog to this podcast but, if I’m going to talk about my favourite podcasts, it deserves a spot here, too. The reason I love this podcast so much is that each episode not only feels like a professional makeup lesson, but also a catch-up with your friends. In the first season, the hosts predominantly share personal anecdotes, beauty tips and product favourites, while the second season sees them interviewing some of the industry’s biggest names like skincare guru Caroline Hirons. Essentially, this podcast made me realise how much of an impact makeup has had – and continues to have – on my life; I wore it when I was younger to conceal my insecurities, and I wear it now to enhance my features. Ever since listening to Life and Lipstick, I’ve become something of a beauty obsessive which you might just, too! Listen to Life and Lipstick here.

2. The Emma Guns Show

On the subject of beauty, we must talk about the pioneer of beauty podcasts that is The Emma Guns Show. Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of this podcast until I started following Emma Guns on Instagram after she featured on an episode of Life and Lipstick but, having followed her for some time now and listened to over fifteen (of what looks like a few hundred, so I’m set for a while) episodes, it is evident why The Emma Guns Show is such a hit in both the podcast and beauty worlds. As a writer with nearly 20 years’ experience, Emma converses with every one of her guests in a particularly eloquent manner, asking insightful questions that elicit fulfilling answers which leave you feeling excited, educated and enthused. Oh, and – might I add – the podcast has had over ten million downloads across various platforms, validating my claim as a must-listen! Listen to The Emma Guns Show here.

3. Five Faves of the Week

Okay, I promise this is the last mention of a somewhat beauty-related podcast (at least in this blog). Again co-hosted by Lisa Potter-Dixon but this time with husband Theo Coyne, Five Faves of The Week is a delightful podcast that comprises the hosts revealing – unbeknown to each other – their favourite elements of their week, be it a TV show, a news story or even a spontaneous event that occurred in their household, all while having a good ol’ time. The podcast is an adaption of Lisa’s Five Faves of the Week on Instagram whereby she reviews five of her favourite beauty products each week, which the hosts allude to as Lisa invites Theo to offer an honest – albeit amateur – review at the end of each episode to add to the fun. Whether you want to stay in the loop with current affairs, discover a new beauty product or simply have a laugh, this podcast is sure to fill you with joy. Listen to Five Faves of the Week here.

4. From the Drafts

Now, as a twenty-something graduate like hosts Charlotte Price, Carrie Pendle, Ellie Tyrrell and Harriet Day, I love this podcast. From delving into their lives as “influencers” (or “content creators”) to covering the highs and lows of twenty-something life, be it the impact of social media, graduate struggles or friendships loyal and toxic, From the Drafts is a true, relatable and fun listen. As a marketer, I particularly enjoy hearing about the hosts’ lives as influencers as they provide a great insight into how much hard work and effort goes into creating their content, which often goes unnoticed by those outside the industry. What’s more, at the end of each episode, the girls read an anonymous dilemma from a listener and offer advice on how to resolve such, adding a personal touch. If you’re in your twenties, a student or graduate and interested in the world of social media, rest assured you too will love this podcast. Listen to From the Drafts here.

5. Girls in Marketing

Girls in Marketing is a fantastic online community for exactly that: girls in marketing (or those interested in, or aspiring to get into, marketing). I started following Girls in Marketing and admiring their aesthetically pleasing feed not long after completing my master’s in Global Marketing in 2019, then listening to the podcast back in February this year when I too – befittingly – landed my first official marketing role as a Content Writer (which I’ll be expanding on more in a future blog). On the podcast, hosts Olivia Hanlon and Martha Mae cover the likes of the latest marketing trends, share expert marketing advice and discuss the impact of COVID-19 on businesses’ marketing strategies, and invite guests to help them to delve deeper into such. Whether you’re, like me, just getting started in the marketing world, an industry expert or simply interested in marketing trends, this podcast is for you. Listen to Girls in Marketing here.

6. Something Rhymes with Purple

Or, as I like to call it, “The Linguistic Podcast of Dreams”. As a Linguistics graduate, I cannot get enough of this podcast; hosted by Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent – who I expressed my admiration for in this blog – and fellow author, broadcaster and word enthusiast Gyles Brandreth, Something Rhymes with Purple is the perfect podcast if you’re looking to enhance your vocabulary, learn about the origins of words or simply admire language in all its glory. For instance, did you know that something does rhyme with purple? And silver? And, did you know that there’s a word to describe the action of swearing to relieve pain, such as when you abruptly stub your toe on a doorframe or quickly sip too hot a coffee? I bet you didn’t, but you would if you listen to this fun, enlightening and award-winning podcast! And, you might just find Gyles’ excitement by Susie’s “trio of words” at the end of each episode as adorable as I do, too. Listen to Something Rhymes with Purple here.

7. Close Friends

My latest podcast discovery through co-host Lucy Mountain, one of my Instagram favourites and “no bullshit” personal trainer, Close Friends is an uncensored podcast covering all things life as a woman, twenty-something and millennial, and has quickly positioned itself as one of my favourite – if not, favourite – podcast(s). With the name alluding to the “close friends” feature on Instagram which enables users to select specific friends to share their stories with as opposed to all their followers, Lucy joins close friends Tara Margulies and Sarah Barrington to discuss the likes of relationships, gender biases and cancel culture, sharing their experiences in an extremely mature and articulate manner. I binge-listened to the first nine episodes of the podcast over three days and I’m still hungry for more; it’s so refreshing to hear three young, bright and strong women bring such necessary topics to light. Listen to Close Friends here.

While these podcasts have their similarities, they each have something unique to offer. Whether that’s a cool makeup trick, a crazy marketing trend or a fancy new word, rest assured these podcasts will leave you feeling informed, intrigued and inspired, and that is why I love them and invite you to listen to them, too.

So, what do you think? Do any of these podcasts sound interesting to you? If so, which ones? Also, if you have any recommendations for me based on my above reviews, I’d love to hear them!

Happy listening!


Soph, Little Pav ♡

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