Nice to meet you 🤝

Welcome to Little Pav, my cosy corner of the internet where I share my tottery tales as a twenty-something figuring out life as I go (because, honestly, who isn’t?). From creating the platform on a whim one quarantine morning to posting tons of blogs on life as a student, graduate and suchlike, Little Pav has transformed into my public journal expressing my thoughts, opinions and experiences through the best (and only) way I know how: writing.

I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember. I’ve written songs since I was just four years young; I took pride in every essay I produced throughout my academic career; and I was always — and am still — that friend others relied on for their proofreading and editing needs. And now, well, I write for a living!

While that means I don’t write as much as I used to — or would like to — on here, I keep the space available as a release when I need it and for you to (hopefully) find something relatable and enjoyable to read.

On that note, go ahead: humour yourself by learning how I’ve handled this shambles we call life so far.