Making your way through life in your twenties, one slip at a time? Me too. Welcome to Little Pav, a lifestyle blog talking the highs and lows of life in your twenties by me, Sophie Pavlou. Oh, and I’m shorter than your average. Hence “Little Pav”.

So, what does “the highs and lows of life in your twenties” entail, exactly? Well, just that: from student and graduate life to mental health and self-care, I write about pretty much anything and everything a twenty-something might encounter. As a BA English Language and Linguistics and MSc Global Marketing graduate from a London university, who is renowned for their passion for writing, hyper-organisation skills and general optimism, I aim to create exciting, useful and relatable content for every young adult.

On that note, I invite you to explore my content and I always welcome comments, feedback and suggestions on each blog and on my contact page. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy your time on Little Pav!


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