Little Pav’s Guide to Being Organised

Let’s get organised!

Anybody who knows me knows that I am very (and, sometimes, annoyingly) well organised. That’s why I’ve created a sub-series of Little Pav called Little Pav’s Guide to Being Organised where I share tips from experience on how to be more organised in an array of situations! All blogs in this series will be available here. If you want to see all my blogs, you can find them here. I hope you enjoy my tips from my crazy organised self! ♡

Little Pav’s Guide to Being Organised: Essay Edition

Essays. The bane of every student’s existence, one might agree. Me? I beg to differ… to some extent. Honestly, I quite enjoyed the essay-writing aspect of both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees; not only am I a passionate writer, but I was – and am still – deeply passionate about my courses of study, which […]

Little Pav’s Guide to Being Organised: Proofreading Edition

Finally! At long last, you’ve reached the end of that seemingly endless assignment – the one that you’ve been working on day and night for the last 5 days straight, the one that you’ve been dreading most of all, the one that you deemed almost impossible – so, that’s it! Done! Finished! Complete! Right? Unfortunately, […]

Little Pav’s Guide to Being Organised: CV Edition

I built my first CV at the age of 14. In Year 10, we were provided the opportunity to complete a two-week work experience during term time and the position I’d landed for the second week (I worked at two local theatres in the first week and in the women’s department of Bentalls Kingston during […]

Little Pav’s Guide to Being Organised: University Edition

Anyone who knows me knows that I am really (and, sometimes, annoyingly) well-organised. After my distinctively short height (which I recently evaluated in another blog), I’d say it’s one of the first characteristics that others notice about me. Just a couple of years back, I remember one of my (many) aunties explaining to me that […]

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